Advanced Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes

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Location and Time
Skilling 193, WF 11:00 - 12:15

Intended Audience
Graduate students interested in IC process development and integration.

Course Objective
To expose the students to advanced devices and process technology for silicon IC manufacturing.

Course Description
What are the practical and fundamental limits to the evolution of the technology of modern MOS devices and circuits? How are modern devices and circuits fabricated and what future changes are likely? Advanced techniques and models of device and back end (interconnect and contact) processing. Use of SUPREM for process simulations and PISCES for device simulations. MOS process integration.

Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices (EE216) and Integrated Circuits Fabrication Technology (EE212).



  • Extensive class notes are provided by the instructor. No text book is required but following books are useful references

    Optional Supplementary Journals:

    Hardware and Software Requirements
    SUPREM IV, and PISCES software or equivalent commercial versions. All software should already exist on campus computers.

    May 12, 2006. The midterm exam requires on campus attendance for local SITN students.

    Final design project, no final exam.

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