The EE311 Welcome Page is staring right at you. If for some reason you get lost in the maze of webspace, you can simply click the Welcome Button and you'll be brought back to home turf.
The EE311 Course Info Page contains general information about EE311.
Did you forget the lecturer's name? Don't know what he looks like, and you want to spare yourself the embarrassment of not knowing who to look for at office hours? Need to send your TA email, and you don't remember her address? Then visit the EE311 Staff Page. The Staff Page provides names, pictures, telephone numbers, email addresses, and office hours of your favorite lecturer and teaching assistant.
Did you miss a lecture or oversleep? The EE311 Handouts Page catalogues all of these past and soon forthcoming handouts in an easy-to-read calendar format. Just click on the handout you missed, and it'll be automatically downloaded to your computer. Another good page to check every once in a while, just so you know what handouts were distributed on what day.
The EE311 Homework Page just filters out most of the handouts and provides a calendar of assignments in the same style that the Handouts Page provides a calendar of all the printed information. Problem set and feedback handouts are both available via the lovely Homework Page. Click the blue button and you'll see!
The EE311 Announcements Page is your source for late-breaking information. Occasionally, an error in a lecture, a handout, or an assignment will need to be corrected as soon as possible--so soon that it just can't wait until the next lecture. Be sure to visit this page often. It might even contain helpful hints to get you started on homework assignments and practice exams. It'll also provide plenty of reminders about deadlines and exam dates. All in all, a good place for a bookmark in your favorite Web Browser.
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