Stanford University
EE340: Optical micro- and nano-cavities

Fall  2012

Optical micro- and nano-cavities and their device applications. Types of optical cavities (microdisks, microspheres, photonic crystal cavities, plasmonic cavities), and their electromagnetic properties, design, and fabrication techniques. Cavity quantum electrodynamics: strong and weak-coupling regime, Purcell factor, spontaneous emission control. Applications of optical cavities, including low-threshold lasers, optical modulators, quantum information processing devices, and bio-chemical sensors. 3 units. Instructor: Vuckovic

Meeting Time & Place
Mon Wed Fri 10:00 am - 10:50 am (bldg 540, room 108)

Instructor Office Hours & Location
Jelena Vuckovic Fridays, 11am- 12:30 pm, Nano #209

TAs & graders Office Hours & Location
Sonia Buckley
Armand Rundquist TBA
Administrative Staff  Location
Ingrid Tarien Nano 308


  • There are no required textbooks. 
  • Lecture notes will be posted on the class web site.
  • See the syllabus for the list of useful references.


Syllabus (tentative)

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