Optical Methods in Engineering Science

Spring 2003-2004

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Class Location:             Room 540-108

Time:                   Mon/Wed  8:30am to 9:45am


Instructor:                     Professor Lambertus Hesselink

Room:                  CIS-X Building, Room 325


          phone:                  (650)723-4850

          Office hours:        Mon/Wed  10:00am to 11:00am


Administrator:                 Lilyan Sequeira     

phone:                   (650)723-2166



Teaching Assistant:         Yuzuru Takashima          


          phone:                   5-3301

          Office hours:         TBD

(Depending on class size and student approval, an accelerated schedule will be followed to deliver the class lectures so that more time is available for the final lens design project)—see separate lecture schedule.


Topics to be covered: See attached schedule


Grading:  20% homework; 80% Project


Recommended Texts:


"Lens Design" by Milton Laikin published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1991

"Modern Optical Engineering" by Warren J. Smith, published by McGraw Hill, 1990

"Fundamentals of Optics," by Jenkins & White, McGraw Hill, 4th Edition, 1965




To introduce the basic concepts of lens design in class through lectures and hands-on experience with a computer ray trace program. 


The students will gain experience with modern lens design programs by carrying out a complete design of an optical device through a class project.




- Theoretical concepts taught in early part of class using accelerated schedule

- Class project:

                - preliminary design presentation (40%)

                - 90% design presentation

                - final presentation


By unanimous consent, most lectures will be taught during the first three weeks of the term, followed by bi-weekly design meets.


Topic #                            Description


1                                        Lens aberration          

                                          Third order aberration

                                          Spherical aberration

                                          Single lens


2                                        Coma

                                          Aplanatic surfaces

                                          Petzval Sum



3                                        Curvature of field



4                                        Chromatic aberration

                                          Code V, lens design program


5                                        Image evaluation

                                          Wavefront analysis

                                          Aberration tolerances

                                          Aberration correction and residuals


6                                        Ray intercept curves


7                                        Design process

                                          Novel materials, gradient index

                                          Components, prisms, elements of revolution


8                                        Diffraction gratings

                                          Holographic optical elements

                                          Optical instruments


9                                        Case Study


10                                      Project Presentation



Mar. 18, 2004
Welcome to EE347 web site! , HO#1 & #2 Uploaded

Mar. 31, 2004

Two handouts are posted on the official website,

1. Additional note for lecture 1

2. Modern Optics, by Hesselink



#1     3/18/04     Course Syllabus
#2     3/18/04     Lecture Date Time Location
#3-    3/31/04











References / Links

                                                              Optical Glass catalog

1) OHARA Glass Corp. main page

Glass catalog (Web version, only commonly used optical glasses are listed)

Glass catalog (MS Exel version, 992KB)
(Exel 2000 format, contains all data including optical, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties)

2) Shott Glass
Glass_data (pdf file, 330KB)

3) Sumita Optical Glass
For glass molding

Sumita Glass General Data
Glass catalog

                                               Grating & CCD Catalogs & References

1) Jobin Yvon (Gratings, CCDs, Detectors)

2) The optics of spectroscopy (Reference for gratings and spectrometers)

3) Shimadzu (Gratings, Spectrometers)

4) Hamamatsu Photonics (CCD)

                                              Fibers & Image Guides
Sumitomo Electric USA

                                                                 GRIN Lens
NSG America

                                               CodeV (Optical design software)
1) Optical Research Associates

Codev Manuals

2) Univ. Dayton

                           EE268 Introduction to Modern Optics

1)     Modern Optics (EE268 Course text, posted on the official website)
Modern Optics, Ch 1 (pdf)
Modern Optics, Ch 2 (pdf)
Modern Optics, Ch 3 (pdf)


2)     Review notes are available. Please contact to TA.

misc files 1