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Main Lecture Notes:

Lecture videos and interactive quizzes for spring quarter are available in the OpenEdX website:


  1. Homework #1 (due Monday, April 7, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw1_memorial.hdr, hw1_memorial.mat, hw1_atrium.hdr, hw1_atrium.mat, hw1_sky_1.avi, hw1_sky_2.avi, hw1_painting_1_reference.jpg, hw1_painting_1_tampered.jpg, hw1_painting_2_reference.jpg, hw1_painting_2_tampered.jpg, hw1_dark_road_1.jpg, hw1_dark_road_2.jpg, hw1_dark_road_3.jpg,
    Mean 31.57, Median 32.00

  2. Homework #2 (due Monday, April 14, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw2_XYZ.mat, hw2_face.mat, hw2_light.mat, hw2_display.mat, hw2_chroma_solid.fig, hw2_chroma_map.mat, hw2_book_page_1.jpg, hw2_book_page_2.jpg, hw2_cone_training_1.jpg, hw2_cone_training_map_1.png, hw2_cone_training_2.jpg, hw2_cone_training_map_2.png, hw2_cone_training_3.jpg, hw2_cone_training_map_3.png, hw2_cone_training_4.jpg, hw2_cone_training_map_4.png, hw2_cone_training_5.jpg, hw2_cone_training_map_5.png, hw2_cone_testing_1.jpg, hw2_cone_testing_2.jpg, hw2_macbeth.jpg, hw2_leaf.jpg,
    Mean 33.01, Median 35.00

  3. Homework #3 (due Monday, April 21, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw3_license_plate_clean.png, hw3_license_plate_noisy.png,, hw3_leaf_training_1.jpg, hw3_leaf_training_2.jpg, hw3_leaf_training_3.jpg, hw3_leaf_training_4.jpg, hw3_leaf_training_5.jpg, hw3_leaf_testing_1.jpg, hw3_road_sign_school_blurry.jpg, hw3_building.jpg, hw3_train.jpg, hw3_faces_1.jpg, hw3_faces_2.jpg, hw3_cd_cover_1.jpg, hw3_cd_cover_2.jpg, hw3_paper.png,
    Mean 35.05, Median 36.00

  4. Homework #4 (due Monday, April 28, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw4_radiograph_1.jpg, hw4_radiograph_2.jpg, hw4_cd_cover.jpg, hw4_ornament.jpg, hw4_satellite_1_degraded.tiff, hw4_satellite_2_degraded.tiff,
    Mean 32.28, Median 35.50

  5. Homework #5 (due Monday, May 5, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw5_puzzle_pieces.jpg, hw5_puzzle_reference.jpg,,,,, hw5_insurance_form.jpg,
    Mean 28.35, Median 32.00

  6. Homework #6 (due Monday, May 12, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw6_cover_1.jpg, hw6_cover_2.jpg,
    Mean 31.41, Median 36.00

  7. Homework #7 (due Monday, May 19, at 5:00pm)
    Problems: pdf
    Data: hw7_building.jpg, hw7_poster_1.jpg, hw7_poster_2.jpg, hw7_poster_3.jpg,, sift_match.m, hw7_mosaic_input_1.jpg, hw7_mosaic_input_2.jpg, hw7_mosaic_input_3.jpg, hw7_mosaic_input_4.jpg, sift_mosaic.m,,, hw7_training_descriptors.mat,
    Mean 28.18, Median 31.50


Final Project:

  1. Project Proposal Guidelines [pdf]
  2. Project Mixer Presentations [pdf]
  3. Project Report and Poster Guidelines [pdf]

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