• Please include this cover sheet with your project report. Your project report should roughly consist of the following: abstract; introduction; a main body with sections giving concise desciptions of your model, experimental setup, experiments, etc.; results with tables, plots, etc.; conclusions; references.

  • Projects may be done in groups of 1-4 students.

  • The scope of the project will be based on the nature of the project. The project can either be of a theoretical nature, in which case students will have to compare different algorithms, or of a practical nature, in which case students will implement something. The choice of the project is entirely up to the particular student or group.

  • You are required to submit a project report by June 12, 2007. For the Winter quarter (EE373A) you will be given an "N" (continuation grade) which will be replaced by the grade given for EE373B. Note: We do not encourage it, but you may work on two different projects, one each for EE373A and EE373B, in which case, you will need to submit a report for each quarter by the corresponding deadlines.

  • You are encouraged to talk to Professor Widrow about your project idea so he can advise you on it and agree with the nature of it. The project can be in any field you wish. It can be related to your area of research or just be something you are curious about. In order to maximize enthusiasm in the projects we let the students choose them, although suggestion for projects can be obtained from Professor Widrow. Also, feel free to discuss your ideas with the TA during office hours, or by appointment.

  • Some Project Ideas for 2007