Course Description

This class is part 2 of information theory. For some reference, here is a rough description of the material that will be covered in this class. The course-content may change during the quarter.


Building 540, Room 103, TTh 11-12:15pm, 3 Units

Course requirements/exams

  1. Seven homework assignments.
  2. Final exam On Tuesday, June 7, 3:30p-6:30p, in Herrin T185.
  3. Also check out the Homework Policy.

Teaching Staff

Staff Email:
ee376b-spr1011-staff (at)

Note: Please use the Piazzza forums to post questions regarding the course. You are welcome to use personal emails in case of sensitive issues, but please be warned that the response time maybe larger.
Professor Thomas Cover
Office: Packard 254
Email: cover (at) stanford (dot) edu
Phone: 650-723-4505
Office hours: Wed 2-3 or by appointment.
Administrative Associate:
Denise Murphy
Office: Packard 267
Tel: 650-723-4731
Fax: 650-724-6487
Email: denise (at) ee (dot) stanford (dot) edu
Teaching Assistant 1:
Gowtham Kumar
Office: Packard 251
Tel: 650-799-1836
Email: gowthamr (at) stanford (dot) edu
Office hours: Mon 4-5 or by appointment


elements of information theory cover

Elements of Information Theory by Cover and Thomas, 2nd Edition, New York: Wiley, 2006.

You can also use the following auxiliary material:


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