EE378A: Project

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2012-13


  • Form groups and choose general area (Due on April 10th, by email)

  • Choose an interesting recent paper from that area (Due on April 17th, by email)

  • Reading, understanding, reproducing results of that paper, and write a report (Due on May 8th, by email)

  • Develop new scheme[s] or improve current ones

  • Final project presentation (on June 5th in class, and June 6th Morning until early afternoon)

  • Final report (Due on June 12th, by email)


  • Genomics

  • Finance

  • Neuroscience

  • Image Denoising

  • Text Correction


  • Experimental

  • Algorithmic

  • Analysis


  • P1-Neuroscience

  • P2-Image Denoising

  • P3-Genomics

  • P4-NLM

  • P5-Finance

  • P6-Compressed Image Denoising