EE378: Lecture Scribing

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2009-10

Each student is responsible for scribing the lecture notes in LaTeX. The writeup should elaborate where needed on issues that have been merely skimmed over in the lecture, fill in mathematical details that were skipped, and provide proper references. We will try to upload the final version of each lecture note within one week from the lecture. The Monday lecture scribe will be due on Saturday in the same week by 5 PM, and the Wednesday lecture scribe will be due on the following Monday by 5 PM.

If multiple students are assigned to the same lecture, students should scribe the lecture individually. The final lecture notes posted on the website will have aggregated components from all the scribes.

The style file for the lecture note is ee378.sty. A sample lecture notes can be found here: sample.tex with the pdf output sample.pdf.

Lecture notes

Lecture 1 (03/29/10): Course Introduction and Overview I

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Matt Kraning)

Lecture 2 (03/31/10): Course Introduction and Overview II

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Kahye Song)

Lecture 3 (04/05/10): Markov Triplets and Undirected Graphical Models

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Jing-yu Cui, Shota Hino)

Lecture 4 (04/07/10): State Estimation for Hidden Markov Processes

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Jaime Lien, Ethan Johnson)

Lecture 5 (04/12/10): HMP State Estimation and 4-Nearest Neighbor MRF

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Lance Fornwalt Reichert, Huizhong Chen)

Lecture 6 (04/14/10): Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Pegah Tootoonchi Afshar, Sameh Galal)

Lecture 7 (04/19/10): Particle Filtering

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Andreja Nagy, Matthew Thomas Tang)

Lecture 8 (04/21/10): Parameter Estimation

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Himanshu Asnani, Aaron Benjamin Greenblatt)

Lecture 9 (04/26/10): Estimation under a Loss Function

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Georges Goetz, Man-Chia Chen)

Lecture 10 (04/28/10): Estimation and Prediction under Log Loss

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by John Breneman, Haleh Tabrizi)

Lecture 11 (05/03/10): J-MMSE, De Bruijn's Identity and I-MMSE Theorem

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Qi Liu, Yifan YangGong, Yan Yan)

Lecture 12 (05/05/10): Information Theoretic Quantities in Estimation

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Daniel Rosenfeld, Michael Marx)

Lecture 13 (05/10/10): Estimation in Continuous-Time AWGN Channels

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by David Jackson, Navraj Singh)

Lecture 14 (05/12/10): Mismatched Estimation and Relative Entropy

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Sung Hee Park, Vladimir Kibardin)

Lecture 15 (05/17/10): Estimation and Prediction Methods Under Log Loss

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Yuhong Wang, Raymond Xu)

Lecture 16 (05/19/10): Redundancy-Capacity Theorem

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Nish Sinha, Albert No, Chi Zhang)

Lecture 17 (05/24/10): Strong Redundancy-Capacity Theorem

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Aditya Gudipati, Chafic Jean Mourad)

Lecture 18 (05/26/10): Dominating Least-Squares Estimation

Notes: [slides][pdf] [source] (scribed by Aaron B. Adcock, Eugene Perederey)

Lecture 19 (06/02/10): Minimax Redundancy and Log-loss Prediction

Notes: [pdf] [source] (scribed by Joseph Huang, Reza Mirghaderi)