EE380 – Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

Winter Quarter 2022


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Class Venue


So far this Quarter, all EE380 lectures have been virtual and are likely to remain so for a while.  Once the pandemic quiets and outside visitors can attend lectures reasonably painlessly we will resume live classes in Shriram 104.  All lectures in EE380 are given Wednesday 4PM-6PM and can be viewed as a live stream.  All lectures are recorded and can be seen through Canvas or after a week or so, on the Stanford YoouTube Channel.




The usual meta information about the talks is available along with a link that allows anyone to view the talk.

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Current Lecture (January 25, 2022)

        Speaker:   DV Henkel-Wallace, Blue Dot Change

        Title:  We can restore the earth's climate if we want to -- and we should


We are all busy engineering the planet to make it inhospitable to most species, including us.  Although there has been plenty of scientific work on addressing these problems, with few exceptions actual public policy has ranged from indifference to kicking the problem down the road.  This talk is on the subject of climate restoration, which might even be achievable within the next few decades if public will would support it.


The first half of this talk will be on climate restoration, or repair: what are the biggest problems and what are some plans to address them.  The second half will zoom in on the problem of atmospheric methane and what our team is working on to address it specifically.


David Henkel-Wallace is a 30+ year valley veteran hands-on technologist and entrepreneur.  He has worked on everything from pharmaceutical development to solar thermal microplants as well as pioneering open source and Internet companies.  In 2021 he co-founded Blue Dot Change to remove anthropogenic methane from the atmosphere.