Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Fall 1997-1998

Lecture 1 Sep 24 Brewster Kahle
Alexa Internet
Datamining the Web to create a Navigation service: Alexa
Lecture 2 Oct 1 Speaker
Manolis Katevenis
The ATLAS I Single-Chip ATM Switch
Lecture 3 Oct 8 Bob Supnik
Retro Computing: Researching the Receding Frontiers of Computers
Lecture 4 0ct 15 Kent Cullers
SETI Institute
SETI: Detection of Weak, Narrowband Extrasolar Signals
Lecture 5 Oct 22 Patrice Peyret
Java SmartCards
Lecture 6 Oct 29 Jeff Bier
Processors for DSP-intensive Applications
Lecture 7 Nov 5 Ken Kahn
Animated Programs
Programming As A Video Game
Lecture 8 Nov 12 Pavel Curtis
Web-based Collaborative Apps Made Simple
Lecture 9 Nov 19 Jim Panfil
The AVR Family of Microcontrollers
Lecture 10 Dec 3 Feng-hsiung Hsu
IBM Watson Research Center
Computer Chess: the Deep Blue Saga