Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule

Winter 1997-1998
Wednesday 4:15-5:30 -- Gates B03

Lecture Date Speaker Title
Lecture 1 Jan 7 John Crawford
Intel Corporation
EPIC: Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
Lecture 2 Jan 14 John Gilmore
Buillding Cryptographic Infrastructure for Authentication
Lecture 3 Jan 21 John Wharton
Stanford University
The Intel 8051
Twenty Years After Conception
Lecture 4 Jan 28 Tim Torgenrud
Stanford University
SUNET Authentication
Lecture 5 Feb 4 Whitfield Diffie
Sun Microsystems
Untitled 1998
Lecture 6 Feb 11 André DeHon
UC Berkeley
Reconfigurable Processing
Lecture 7 Feb 18 Janet H. Murray
Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace
Lecture 8 Feb 25 John Mashey
Big Data and the Next Wave of InfraStress
Lecture 9 Mar 4 Rick Rashid
Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research:
Origins, Present and Future
Lecture 10 Mar 11 Paul Flaherty
Altavista: A Look Under the Hood