Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Fall 1998-1999

Lecture Date Speaker Title
Lecture 1 Sep 23 Sergey Brin, Larry Page
Google and the WebBase
Lecture 2 Sep 30 Eugene Miya
A Methodology for Calibrating the Cray Research Hardware Performance Monitor
Lecture 3 Oct 7 Kekoa Proudfoot
Reverse Engineering the RCX [control unit for the Lego Mindstorm Robot Invention Kit]
Lecture 4 Oct 14 T. T. Moh
Purdue University
A New Public-Key System
with Signature and Master Key
Lecture 5 Oct 21 Mary Eisenhart
Your Own Words Publishing
How Technology Changes The Publishing Business And Why You Should Care
Lecture 6 Oct 28 Steve Hansen
Stanford University
Welcome to the Bad Part of Town: Computer Security Incidents at Stanford University
Lecture 7 Nov 4 David Zager
Avesta Technologies
Facilitating collaboration in enterprise service management
Lecture 8 Nov 11 Jim Gemmell
A Scalable Multicast Architecture for Telepresentations
Lecture 9 Nov 18 Larry Wall
O'Reilly and Associates
Perl: Whence and Whether
Thanksgiving Nov 25 Happy Thanksgiving No Class
Lecture 10 Dec 2 John Gilmore
The EFF DES Cracker