Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Winter 1998-1999

Lecture Date Speaker Title
Lecture 1 Jan 6 Andy Rappaport
August Capital
The Great Value Illusion
Lecture 2 Jan 13 Eric Raymond
Open Source (tentative)
Lecture 3 Jan 20 Panel of Experts
some pro, some con
The future of books
Are e-books the future?
Lecture 4 Jan 27 Vinod Kathail
Hewlett Packard
Trimaran: An infrastructure for EPIC compiler research
Lecture 5 Feb 3 Simon Corston-Oliver
Microsoft Research
Less is More:
eliminating index terms from subordinate clauses
Lecture 6 Feb 10 Robert Hockaday
Energy Related Devices
Micro-Fuel Cell Power Supply®
Better Than Batteries
Lecture 7 Feb 17 Donald Sollars
Thread Processing Applied to the Embedded Market
Lecture 8 Feb 24 Bill Hamburgen
Compac WRL
Itsy: A Platform for Pocket Computing Research
Lecture 9 Mar 3 Doron Swade
Science Museum, London
"It will not slice Pineapple": The Construction of Charles Babbage's Calculating Engine
Lecture 10 Mar 10 Dave Hampton
Sounds Amazing!