Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, October 4, 2000
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

Moore's "Promise" and Early Microcomputer Developments

Stan Mazor
Cadabra Design Automation
About the talk:
Some of the factors which have contributed to Dr. Gordon Moore's "Law" include:

Early Intel microprocessors were constrained by these factors and chips got "better" as processes improved. A few of these factors will be shown with examples.

About the speaker:

Stanley Mazor worked at Fairchild Semiconductor 1964-1969 as part of the engineering team of the Symbol high level language computer. In 1969 he joined Ted Hoff at Intel and worked on microcomputer architecture. He shares patents with F. Faggin and Ted Hoff on the MCS-4 and the 8080. At Intel he worked on Computer Aided Design(CAD)tools and was at Silicon Compilers, Synopsys, and is now at CADABRA Design Automation (now Numerical Technology).

Contact information:

Stan Mazor, Training Director
Cadabra Design Automation
Suite 200 2nd Floor
3031 Tisch Way, San Jose, Ca. 95128 USA
408-260-7100 (fax)