Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, October 11, 2000
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03


Owen Densmore
Sun Microsystems
About the talk:

Computing and Networking are starting to show up in the oddest places! Among them is the automobile. The Sun Labs skunkworks spent two years exploring the use of computers and networks in the car, using Java, Solaris/Linux, and embedded systems. The result was the JavaCar, several collaborations with the auto industry, and recently a new product effort within Sun.

This talk will discuss the history of this romp through autoland and give pointers for similar future directions. More information is available at:

About the speaker:

Owen is currently a Senior Staff Engineer in Sun Labs, in charge of Technology Explorations for a unique, cross company "skunkworks". These Explorations have included nomadics architectures and desktop video for Sun's IT department, and currently focus on a wide range of Java enhanced, hardware/software network prototypes, including Java Multimedia, Java Nomadics and the Java Car.

Prior work at Sun included multimedia, window systems, and object oriented software architectures, and serving as CTO for the IT department.

Prior to Sun, Owen worked for Apple Computer, developing the Lisa and Macintosh Printing architecture. Before that, Owen spent eight years at Xerox Research Center working on a host of technologies, from chip design, printer architectures, language and information research, and the Alto computer system.

Contact information:

Owen Densmore
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