Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, May 30, 2001
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building B03

Fluidic Self Assembly

Jeffrey Jacobsen
Alien Technology Corporation
About the talk:
Alien Technology has developed, and holds exclusive patent rights to, a manufacturing assembly technology called Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA) that allows for the efficient placement of arbitrarily large numbers of small components across a surface in a single operation. The company plans to first use the technology to distribute pixel drive circuits to make electronic displays, but it will also be applied to other problems, such as antennas, sensors and very low-cost RFID tags.

Alien's first product is a small, flexible monochrome display for smart cards introduced in 2000. Although not yet widespread in the US, smart cards are widely used in Europe and Asia. The size of a conventional credit card, they contain an embedded electronic microchip. The chip stores electronic data and programs that are protected by advanced security features.

About the speaker:

In September 1998, Mr. Jacobsen left Kopin Corporation as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and formed Alien Technology Corporation. Since that time, Mr. Jacobsen has guided the assembly of one of the worlds finest high volume display engineering and reel to reel continuous flow manufacturing teams. Alien's team has raised over $100 million dollars through corporate and institutional investors. As President, Mr. Jacobsen has lead the formation of technology development and manufacturing relationships with Dow Chemical, DuPont Chemical, Philips Electronics, Gemplus, Toray International and institutional investor relationships with Sevin Rosen Funds, New Enterprise Associates, CMEA, First Analysis, RHO Management, Brinson Partners and Allen & Company.

Mr. Jacobsen has 25 years of executive management experience in business development, sales & marketing, strategic partnering, technology licensing and volume manufacturing. Prior to Alien Technology, Mr. Jacobsen has been involved in three high tech start-up companies, all three companies went public through an initial public offering on NASDAQ. For 8 years prior to forming Alien Technology, as a Vice President of Kopin Corporation, Mr. Jacobsen established Kopin's mircodisplay business, display technology plan and closed strategic relationships with Rockwell, Motorola, Gemplus, CP Group, Siemens and UMC. During the past 10 years, Mr. Jacobsen has been directly involved in raising over $500 million dollars in start-up company funding and winning over $50 million dollars in competitive funding from US Government agencies such as DARPA, NSA and NIST.

Prior to Kopin Corporation, Mr. Jacobsen held the positions of Director of Systems Technologies and Director of Strategic Business at OKI Semiconductor; VP of Sales & Marketing at Integrated Logic Systems; Director of Sales for General Electric Semiconductor; Corporate Sales Manager for ZyMOS Corporation; and International Marketing Manager for American Microsystems, Inc. Mr. Jacobsen received a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin with two majors, one in International Marketing and a second in Risk Management & Fiduciary Law. Mr. Jacobsen currently holds 25 patents in flat panel display, display systems and advanced IC packaging technologies.

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