Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, Oct 9, 2013
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building Room B3

Machine Learning on Big Data for Online Advertising

Mark Torrance
Rocket Fuel
About the talk:

Rocket Fuel is a leader in the use of detailed data to automatically choose who to show particular ads to. In this talk, CTO Mark Torrance will explain how Rocket Fuel approaches this problem from a machine learning, modeling, and optimization perspective. He will cover technologies in use for the capture, storage, maintenance and real-time use of massive amounts of data, and explain how Rocket Fuel participates in the most active online auction marketplaces in the world, with tens of billions of transactions processed each day. Rocket Fuel applies AI techniques to many areas of its business, including choosing what to buy, allocating budgets, and identifying and blocking fraudulent traffic.


There is no downloadable version of the slides for this talk available at this time.

About the speaker:

Mark Torrance is Chief Technology Officer at Rocket Fuel Inc. where the core technology centers around predictive modeling and optimization for real-time bidding. Mark studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and MIT, where in 1994 he left his PhD and academic career behind to blaze a trail of entrepreneurship on the newly emerging World Wide Web. He started as a hobby, then traffic quickly grew and it became the largest stock-quote site on the planet.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in symbolic systems from Stanford University and a Master of Science (S.M.) degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Contact information:

Mark Torrance
Rocket Fuel