Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium

4:15PM, Wednesday, November 6, 2013
NEC Auditorium, Gates Computer Science Building Room B3

Topological Data Analysis
How Ayasdi uses TDA to Solve Complex Problems

Anthony Bak
About the talk:

Anthony Bak will discuss how Ayasdi uses Topological Data Analysis to solve complex problems for companies, foundations and academics. He will start with an overview of TDA and describe the core algorithm, "Mapper", developed at Stanford in the Computational Topology group by Gunnar Carlsson and Gurjeet Singh. He will demonstrate how Ayasdi turns this idea into a product with uses cases and a live demonstration of the software.


There is no downloadable version of the slides for this talk available at this time.

About the speaker:

Anthony Bak is currently a data scientist and mathematician at Ayasdi, a Palo Alto based startup founded based on research done at Stanford University. Prior to coming to Ayasdi, Anthony was at Stanford University where he did a postdoc with Ayasdi co-founder Gunnar Carlsson working on new methods and applications of Topological Data Analysis. He did his Ph.D. work in algebraic geometry with applications to string theory at the University of Pennsylvania and along the way worked at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, Mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts and the American Institute of Mathematics in California.

Contact information:

Anthony Bak
636 Ramona Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
415 347 6284