Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2005-2006

Jun 7, 2006Pat Gelsinger
Senior Vice President
Digital Enterprise Group
Intel Corporation
Into the Core ...
May 31, 2006Mary Baker
Saving Bits Forever
A Systems View of Long-Term Digital Storage
May 24, 2006John Mitchell
TRUST project
NSF Center for Research in Security and Privacy
Network Protocol Security
Analysis methods and protocol standards
May 17, 2006Dan Farmer
Elemental Security
From Bits to Business
May 10, 2006Andreas Bechtolsheim
SUN Microsystems
High Performance Compute Clusters
May 3, 2006Christopher Stolte and Jock Mackinlay
Tableau Software
VizQL: A language for query, analysis, and visualization
Apr 26, 2006Michelle Wallig and Leslie Leland
Inside the Xbox 360 Platform: What Information Do You Need to Build Games?
Apr 19, 2006Greg Turetzky
SiRF Technology
The Future of Location
Apr 12, 2006Geordie Rose
So you've built a quantum what?
Apr 5, 2006David Lawrence
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Climate Change Research and Terrestial Science Section
A Global Climate Model Projection of Severe Degradation of Near-Surface Permafrost: Potential Feedbacks on Climate
Mar 15, 2006Steven M. Bellovin
Columbia University
Permissive Action Links, Nuclear Weapons, and the History of Public Key Cryptography
Mar 8, 2006Matt Blaze
University of Pennsylvania
Signaling Vulnerabilities in Law-Enforcement Wiretap Systems
Mar 1, 2006Marc Levoy
Computer Graphics
Stanford University
Light field photography and videography
Feb 22, 2006H. Peter Hofstee
Cell Broadband Engine Processor and Applications
Feb 15, 2006Daniel Clancy
Google Book Search -- Making off-line content fully searchable on the web
Feb 8, 2006Dr. Rose Ray
Is it a Baby or a Bathtub? How Many Fish?
Two Studies in Applied Computing.
Feb 1, 2006Christopher Payne
Corporate VP of Search
Microsoft Corporation
Search at Microsoft
Jan 25, 2006Simon Crosby
Xen: The Art of Open Source Virtualization
Inside the Xen Hypervisor
Jan 18, 2006Andy Rubin
A Smart Camera Platform
Lessons Learned from Sand Hill Road
Jan 11, 2006Michael Woodacre
Towards Multi-Paradigm Computing at SGI
Dec 7, 2005Martin Roscheisen
The engineering road to cost-efficient solar energy
Nov 30, 2005Red Byer
Mobius Photonics
Cross Pollination and Design Innovation
Nov 23, 2005
Thanksgiving Break -- no Colloquium
Nov 16, 2005Michel Pelletier
Open Source Evangelist & Senior Consultant @ CIGNEX Technologies
The Zope Component Architecture
Nov 9, 2005Matt Pharr
The Quiet Revolution in Interactive Rendering
Nov 2, 2005John McCarthy
Professor (emeritus)
Computer Science
Stanford University
The logical road to human level AI
Oct 26, 2005Hans Reiser
The Reiser4 Filesystem:
Ways In Which Extra Rigor In Scientific Methodology Can Consume Years Of Your Life, And How The Result Can Be So Very Worthwhile
Oct 19, 2005Dan Gillmor
We the Media: The Rise of Open-Source, Grassroots Journalism
Oct 12, 2005Windsor Hsu
IBM Almaden Research Laboratory
Fossilization™ of Electronic Records
Oct 5, 2005Ken Owens
Humbolt State University
The Development and Marketing of a JAVA Based System for Navigating and Mapping the Activities of Landmine Clearing Robots
Sep 28, 2005Ricardo Gonzalez
Stretch, Inc.
A Software Configurable Processor