Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2006-2007

Jun 6, 2007Rick Wesson
Botnets: Anticipating Failure
May 30, 2007Raj Amirtharajah
University of California, Davis
Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors
May 23, 2007Ian Goldberg
University of Waterloo
Off-the-Record Messaging: Useful Security and Privacy for IM
May 16, 2007Peter Mattson
Stream Processors,Inc.
Stream Programming: Multicore Made Practical
May 9, 2007Catherine H. Crawford
IBM Systems & Technology Group
Chief Architect
Next Generation Systems Software
Multi-core, Multiprocessor, and Memory Hierarchies: An Application Developer's View of Next Generation Systems Enablement
May 2, 2007Maurice Herlihy
Brown University
Taking Concurrency Seriously: New Directions in Multiprocessor Synchronization
Apr 25, 2007Irving Wladawsky-Berger
VP, Technical Strategy and Innovation
IT-based Innovation in the 21st Century
Apr 18, 2007Jerry Feldman, ICSI; Todd Davies, Stanford
Software Not Provided:
Challenges, Experience, and Opportunities in Supporting Communities and Democracy
Apr 11, 2007Paul Saffo
Life After The Information Revolution
(No video available.)
Apr 4, 2007Mark Pinto
Applied Materials, New Business and New Products Group, including Solar Business Group
Nanomanufacturing Technologies: Extending the Silicon Roadmap and Enabling New Applications
Mar 14, 2007Bin Zhang
HP Labs
A New Balancing Method for Solving Parametric Maximum Flow Problems
Mar 7, 2007Phillip Zimmermann
VoIP encryption in a surveillance society
Feb 28, 2007Alan Huang
An Ultrafast Optical Digital Technology
Smart Light
Feb 21, 2007Cliff Click
Azul Systems
A Fast Wait-Free Hash Table
and (time permitting)
Scaling Up a Real Application on Azul
Feb 14, 2007Ian Piumarta
Viewpoints Research Institute
Building your own dynamic language is fun and easy!
First steps on the road to reinventing computing
Feb 7, 2007Fabian Klass
Design for Yield / Design for Manufacturing
Jan 31, 2007Dave Patterson
UC Berkeley
Computer Architecture is Back:
The Berkeley View of the Parallel Computing Research Landscape "
Jan 24, 2007Kristin McDonnell
LimeLife, Inc
Expanding the Mobile Consumer Software Market: Lifestyle, Games, Wallpaper, and Text Messaging
Jan 17, 2007Philip Levis
Stanford University
What the Second Generation Holds
Jan 10, 2007Anoop Gupta
Corporate Vice President
United Communications Group
Microsoft Corporation
The United Communication Transformation
Dec 6, 2006Rick Reitmaier
Adobe Systems
Flash Player ActionScript Virtual Machine (Tamarin)
Nov 29, 2006Ian Buck
Computing on the GPU
GE Force 88000 and NVIDIA CUDA
Nov 22, 2006
Thanksgiving Break -- No Class
Nov 15, 2006Richard Chuang
Pacific Data Images ("PDI")/DreamWorks
25 Years at PDI
Nov 8, 2006Kevin Hayes
Atheros Communications
The Need, Evolution, and Detail of WLAN Security
Nov 1, 2006William Dally
Stanford Streaming Supercomputer (Merrimac), Sequoia Programming Language, and Imagine project links
Stream Computing - Efficient Computing in the Many-Core Era
Oct 25, 2006Jayadev "Jay" Misra
University of Texas at Austin
A Structured Orchestration Language
Oct 18, 2006Dror Baron
Rice University
Measurements vs. Bits: Compressed Sensors meets Information Theory
Oct 11, 2006David E. Shaw
D E Shaw Research and Development &
Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Columbia University
New Architectures for a New Biology
Oct 4, 2006Mark J. Foster
OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)
One Laptop Per Child
Sep 27, 2006Norm Jouppi
HP Laboratories
The future evolution of high-performance microprocessors
Apr 29, 1998ARCHIVED TALK: Jim Gray
Microsoft Research
video streamed 4/11/2007
SuperComputers from CyberBricks?