Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2010-2011

Jun 1, 2011Martin Odersky
Future-proofing Scala collections: From mutable to persistent to parallel.
May 25, 2011Pam Samuelson
law school
UC Berkeley
Why the Google Book Settlement Failed and What's Next?
May 18, 2011Shriram Krishnamurthi
Brown University
Reactive Functional Programming
From Models to Classrooms
May 11, 2011Peter Richards and Stephen P. Weston
JP Morgan
Technology in banking - facing the challenges of scale and complexity: Acceleration, Speed, and Other Derivatives
May 4, 2011Slava Akhmechet
Modifying traditional B_ Trees for optimal performance on arbitrary storage media
Apr 27, 2011Subhasish Mitra
Carbon Nanotube Imperfection-Immune Digital VLSI
Apr 20, 2011Barbara Liskov
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
The Power of Abstraction
WICS Pre-Lecture Reception Information
Apr 13, 2011James Bessen
Boston University School of Law
Research on Innovation
The Future of Software Patents
Apr 6, 2011Lewis Hyde
Kenyon College & Harvard Center for the Internet and Society
Framing Intellectual Property
Video access limited to Stanford Students and Faculty
Mar 30, 2011Victor W. Lee
Parallel Computing: Its opportuniies and challenges
Mar 9, 2011James Gosling
The Process of Innovation
Mar 2, 2011Armin Rigo
University of Düssedorf
Python in Python: The PyPy System
Feb 23, 2011Peter Seitz
Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique
How we wanted to revolutionize X-ray radiography--and how we then accidentally discovered single-photon CMOS imaging.
Feb 16, 2011Jon Kleinberg
Cornell University
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Computational Perspectives on Social Phenomena in On-Line Networks
Feb 9, 2011Matthew Might
University of Utah
Parsing with Derivatives
(Yacc is dead)
Feb 2, 2011Paul Rothemund
Beyond Watson and Crick: Recent advances in the use of DNA as a building material
Jan 26, 2011Salman Khan
The Khan Academy
Using Technology to Rethink and Reimplement How We Teach and Learn
Jan 19, 2011Milton Chen
Design of Video Collaboration, Video Town Halls and a Distributed Social Network for Humanitarian Environments
Jan 12, 2011Carl Hewitt
How to Program the Many Cores for Inconsistency Robustness
Dec 1, 2010Marc-david Cohen
Archimedies Inc.
Progress in Simulating Clinical Trials
Nov 17, 2010William H. Janeway
Warburg Pincus
Perspectives on the Venture Capital Industry
Nov 10, 2010Jeffrey Dean
Computer Science Department Distinguished Computer Scientist Lecture
Building Software Systems at Google and Lessons Learned
Nov 3, 2010Alexander Stepanov
Paul McJones
Elements of Programming
Oct 27, 2010Prashant R. Chandra
Senior Principal Engineer
Intel Labs
Intel Light Peak
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Oct 20, 2010Emmanuel Candes
Stanford University
Compressive Sensing
Oct 13, 2010Doug Crockford
Oct 6, 2010Craig Reynolds
Sony Computer Entertainment
Interactive Evolution of Camouflage
Sep 29, 2010Mario Tokoro
President and CEO
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
Challenge to Open Systems Problems
Sep 22, 2010Gary Lauterbach
Sea Micro
Architectural tradeoffs in the Sea Micro SM 10000 Server
Feb 13, 2008Johnny Chung Lee
CS Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Watch this talk if you cannot attend the January 5 talk live.
Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote