Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory

EE380 Colloquium Schedule

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Sep 22, 1999 Phillip J. Kuekes
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Defect Tolerant Molecular Electronics
Algorithms, Architectures, and Atoms
Sep 29, 1999 Dr. Paul E. Debevec
Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley
Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting in "Fiat Lux" 3.6
Oct 6, 1999 Mark Heyer
ISP Channel
Technology and Politics in Palo Alto: The Changing Face of Telecommunication Infrastructure 3.0
Oct 13, 1999 Brian Eno
A Dialog with Brian Eno
Oct 20, 1999 Beatrice Fu
Tensilica Inc.
Automated Generation of System-Specific Processors
Oct 27, 1999 Ananth Dodabalapur
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ
Organic Transistors:
From Molecules to Large Scale Circuits
Nov 3, 1999 Charles Wu
Panasonic Digital Concepts Center
The latest form of corporate Research and Development
Nov 10, 1999 Marc Levoy
The Digital Michelangelo Project
Nov 17, 1999 Bill Joy
Sun Microsystems
From BSD to Jini: Adventures in Technology, Openness, and Community 3.6
Dec 1, 1999 Mike Shebanow
Hal Computer
A High Performance 64-Bit SPARC 3.1
Jan 5, 2000 David Jefferson
Compaq SRC
Internet Voting in Public Elections 3.1
Jan 12, 2000 Mendel Rosenblum
VMware, Inc.
VMWare's Virtual Platform Technology 3.4
Jan 19, 2000 Phil Parkman
SUN Microsystems
StarOffice Software 3.0
Jan 26, 2000 David Schwartz, Len Kain
Internet TV 3.2
Feb 2, 2000 Steve Woo
Architecture and Performance of the Direct RDRAM 3.2
Feb 9, 2000 Dave Ditzel
CEO, Transmeta Corp.
Transmeta's Crusoe Processor 3.8
Feb 16, 2000 Eric Brewer
UC Berkeley and Inktomi
Lessons from Giant-Scale Services 3.7
Feb 23, 2000 David Brumley, Stanford;
Joel de la Garza and Mark Seiden, Securify Labs
Perspectives on Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Mar 1, 2000 David Mosberger, HP
Don Dugger, VALinux
IA-64 Linux Kernel Internals 3.7
Mar 8, 2000 Gary Hudson
Rotary Rocket
Commercial Rockets: Optimum Blending of Hardware, Software and Meatware 3.5
Mar 29, 2000 Marc Tremblay
Sun Microsystems
The MAJC Architecture and First Implementation 3.2
Apr 5, 2000 Pierluigi Zappacosta and Vance Bjorn,
Identity in a Networked World 3.1
Apr 12, 2000 Ian Goldberg
Zero-Knowledge Corporation
A Pseudonymous Communications Infrastructure for the Internet 3.3
Apr 19, 2000 Roberto Aiello
CEO, Fantasma Networks
Fantasma's Ultrawideband Wireless Technology 3.1
Apr 26, 2000 Frank McCabe
Cognitive Agents
What they are, what they can do for you: the road to standards
May 3, 2000 Dewayne Hendricks
Dandin Group
Wiring Tonga: From the Ground Up and the Sky Down 3.5
May 10, 2000 Marty Tenenbaum, CTO
The Global Trading Web
A Strategic Vision for the Internet Economy
May 17, 2000 Paul A. Packan
Fundamental Issues in Scaling CMOS Devices 3.3
May 24, 2000 Vaughan Pratt
Stanford CSL and TIQIT Computers
The Matchbox PC
Hardware has less intertia tthan software
May 31, 2000 Lloyd Watts
Interval Research
Reverse Engineering the Brain 3.7