Stanford University EE380
Computer Systems Colloquium Schedule
Summer 2017

The Summer EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium is offered as a one unit, web-hosted, self-selected, and self-paced S/NC graded class during the summer using video lectures from our backlist. There will be no class meetings. We think of the course as "summer reruns" and present talks that have the enduring popularity of "I Love Lucy", "Friends" "Law and Order", and "Sex and the City".

The class content consists of the lectures given by invited speakers during the regular academic sessions over the past several years augmented with additional lectures from the distant past.

The videos of EE380 lectures will be found on YouTube. All of the talks have Abstracts, but there is no link from the the YouTube version to the Abstract. Generally the Abstract can be found at where YY is the 2-digit year, MM is the month, and DD the date of the live presentation. The Abstract often has a links to a copy of the slides and other ancillary information.

The requirements are simple:

  • Construct a document to use as your journal or logbook for the class. Be sure to include your name and your email in the header.
  • Choose ten different lectures from the YouTube EE380 Playlist. You'll need to browse the collections to find talks that interest you.
  • Watch each of the ten videos you have selected, write and add a short "pithy" comment about each video you watch and add it to your log. Remember to include the speaker's name, the date it was originally presented, and the title. A "pithy" comment is one that let's us see that you've been engaged and paying attention while listening to the video.
  • Write a short evaluation of the EE380 lecture series and add it to your log. For example: Is the Colloquium still a good way to present scientific and and engineering research today? Did you find the selection of topics and speakers useful?. What do you think you learned from the series? Were the Administrative Policies OK? Who should we invite to speak in the future? Do you have any specific suggestions as to how we could improve the Colloquium.
  • Send your journal by email to on or before 30 seconds before midnight (23:59:30) on August 20,  2017. Late work will be accepted at thes whim of the instructor(s). PDF format is preferred.
  • EE380 is a 1 unit S/NC class. Incomplete grades are given only in extraordinary circumstances. If you decide to drop the class because the work load is in conflict with with serious summer play (or any other reason) drop us a note so we won't track you down to remind you to complete the course work. If you anticipate having problems completing the coursework, please contact immediately.
  • Participate in the planning for the live lectures for next year. Suggestions for topics and speakers are always appreciated.
  • I do not have office hours during the Summer, but I am available by email. You can reach me, Dennis Allison as . If you put "[EE380]" as the first few characters of the subject line, your message is less likely to be treated as SPAM.