Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380) Schedule
Winter 2013-2014
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:30PM in Gates B01

Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium meets on Wednesdays 4:15PM-5:30PM throughout the academic year. Talks are given before a live audience in Room B01 in the basement of the Gates Computer Science Building on the Stanford Campus. The live talks (and the videos) are open to the public.

EE380 videos are no longer supported in Windows Media Format.

Videos for the lectures are now captured in HTML5 format and can be viewed at

Videos are now uploaded to YouTube shortly after they are presented and can be viewed there. The URLS for the YouTube versions of the talks are:

Stephan Wolfram on The Design and Implications of the Wolfram Language
Stan Honey on Augmented Reality at the America's Cup. [CORRECTED URL]
Paul Borrill on Insights into the Nature of Time
Chris McKay on The Origin of Life
Steve Perlman on pCell: Personalized Cell Technology
John Mashey on Big Data
Nancy Kim on Wrap Contracts
Safa Motesharrei on Modeling the Future
Helen Lurie on Applying Mainstream Design Approaches to Spacecraft Communications
Richard Chuang on Doing Business in China

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Jan 8, 2014Alex Stamos
Artemis Internet
Building a Trustworthy Business in the Post-Snowden Era
Jan 15, 2014Steven Ericsson-Zenith
Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914)
His life, contributions to logics, and "The American Enlightenment"
Jan 22, 2014Jonathan Siegel
Embrace failure for success and profit
Jan 29, 2014Hal R. Varian
What econometrics can learn from machine learning and vice versa
Feb 5, 2014Ivan Godard
Out-of-the-Box Computing
Instruction execution on the Mill CPU
Feb 12, 2014Yuval Elovici
Innovation Laboratories
Ben Gurion University
Trusted Detection of Malicious Activities on Mobile Phones
Feb 19, 2014Doug Terry
Microsoft Research
Consistency-Based Service Level Agreements for Cloud Storage
Feb 26, 2014Gio Wiederhold
Stanford University
Valuing Intellectual Capital
Mar 5, 2014Dewayne Hendricks
Tetherless Access
Inventing a New Internet: Learning from Icarus
Mar 12, 2014David Ungar, Harold Ossher
IBM Research
Dancing with Symmetry to Harness the Power of Complexity: Subjective Programming in Context

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