Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Winter 2001-2002

The SUMMER CSL COLLOQUIUM (aka "Summer Reruns") consists of a self-selected, self-paced series ten lectures selected from the past three quarters of live presentations. All 30 of the lectures shown in the listing below can be viewed over the web. The date shown is that of the original presentation. We've chosen ten lectures to be broadcast over SITN and to be shown live on-campus for those who prefer pre-selected materials and/or the more traditional content delivery. The Colloquium (EE380) is offered as a one unit, ten week class, S/NC.
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Jan 9, 2002Stephen Schneider
Stanford University,Department of Bilogical Sciences
Senior Fellow, Institute for International Studies
The Global Warming Controversy
Can we separate scientific signal from the political noise
Jan 16, 2002Larry Sanger
Wikipedia and why it matters
Jan 23, 2002Andrew Rappaport
August Capital
The Post Dot-Com Golden Age: Open and Now Serving
Jan 30, 2002Andy Rubin
Danger, Inc.
Fusing Technical and Business Architecture
Feb 6, 2002Leslie Lamport
Microsoft Research
How To Write A Proof
Feb 13, 2002William LeFebvre
CNN Internet Technologies
CNN.COM -- Facing A World Crisis
Feb 20, 2002Larry Lessig
Professor of Law, Stanford University
Free Code, Free Labor
Feb 27, 2002Richard F. Lyon
Foveon, Inc.
Photography in the Twenty-First Century
Mar 6, 2002Erik Loyer
Syncopation for Programmers
Mar 13, 2002Pamela Samuelson
Professor of Law, UC Berkeley
Implications of DMCA Anti-Circumvention Regulations for Innovation