EE392C Announcements

Talk announcement

Date: 4/18 (2-3pm, 104 Gates Hall)


Doug Burger (UT Austin) will talk about “Low-Overhead Selective Re-Execution in the Polymorphic TRIPS Processor”. We will discuss this work on the 4/22 class meeting, so I strongly recommend you attend this talk.


Date: 4/2

Subject: Auditing EE392C


I am getting too many requests for auditing EE392C. In an ideal world, I
would let everyone take part in the discussions. However, it is difficult to
have a meaningful discussion with more than 30 people. In addition, my
experience is that few students that audit a class can keep up with reading
2 papers per lecture, which means that most auditors come unprepared.

So, here are some basic rules for auditing EE392C:
1) You have to be a EE or CS PhD student past the 1st year (post-quals for
2) You have to be involved in research related to the focus of the class
3) You have to be willing to lead/keep notes in one discussion just like a
registered student
     and take part in the emerging applications homework
4) You have to get explicit permission from me

If you are still interested send me an email with a few words on items 1-2.

Date: 4/1

First lecture is on Tue 4/1, 1:15pm - 2:30pm, at Building 60 (Main Quad), Room 61A