EE392C Reading List

Papers for each topic are classified in the following categories

  • (R)required reading for the corresponding lectures
  • (B) – background reading on the specific topic
  • (F) – further reading on the specific topic

All papers are available in pdf or ps format. Required papers will also be copied and distributed as a handout in class. Due to copyright issues, papers are only accessible to students with a valid SUNet ID.


Technology & Architecture Background

(All papers on this topic are background & further reading. The main issues will be discussed  in the first lecture.)


·        (B) R. Ho, K. Mai, and M. Horowitz. The Future of Wires. Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume: 89, Issue: 4, April 2001.

·        (B) V. Agarwal, H.S. Murukkathampoondi, S.W. Keckler, and D.C. Burger. Clock Rate Versus IPC: The End of the Road for Conventional Microarchitectures. Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), Vancouver, Canada, June 2000.

·        (F) R. Ronen, A. Mendelson, K. LAI, S. Lu, F. Pollack, AND J. P. Shen. Coming Challenges in Microarchitecture and Architecture. Proceedings of the IEEEE, Volume: 89, Issue: 3, March 2001.

·        (F) A. Allan, D. Edenfeld, W.H.  Joyner, A.B.  Kahng, M. Rodgers, Y.  Zorian. 2001 Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. IEEE Computer, Volume: 35, Issue: 1, January 2001.


Data-parallel Architectures





Multi-threaded Architectures





Speculative Multithreading





Emerging Applications


This topic will be studied as part of a homework assignment. Links to background papers will be available after the corresponding class meeting.


Proposed CMP/Polymorphic Architectures (2 lectures)



Programming Models





Virtual Machines





On-line Profiling Techniques





Dynamic Compilation (2 lectures)





Fault Tolerance & Reliability Techniques




Applications of Machine Learning Techniques to Systems



Last Lecture (TBD)