EE392C Project Resources

The project will allow you to investigate an open issue related to CMP/polymorphic processors. You will work on these projects in groups of 2 to 4 students. Each group will submit a project proposal, a final report, and will present its work at the end of the quarter. While the scope of the project is naturally limited by the short duration of the quarter, you will hopefully lay the groundwork for research that is worth pursuing further and will eventually be published in a conference or journal.


Useful resources for the projects:

Project Schedule (tentative)


Proposed Topics


Students are free to suggest their own project ideas. As long as the project is related to an open issue on CMP/polymorphic architectures, it will be approved. We will probably discourage projects that address circuit-level issues as the bias of the class is towards architectures and system software. 


Click here for a list of proposed project topics:



The Tensilica tools are available for use in EE392C class project. Click here for a description of the tools, local documentation, and guidelines (page available only to registered students).


However, if a project requires the need of some other toolset, feel free to use it. A list of publicly available tools for systems research is available here.