Winter Quarter 2016

Perspectives in Assistive Technology


David L. Jaffe, MS
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4:30pm - 5:50pm
Classroom 110 in Thornton Center

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Weekly Reports

For: Weekly Reports are sought from all teams or students working on Individual Projects.

Due: Reports are due on Tuesday, January 20th and subsequent Mondays thereafter. The final weekly report is due on Monday, March 2nd.

Details: The preferred reporting method is through short weekly meetings with the instructor. In lieu of a meeting, written reports of less than one page in length can be emailed. These meetings or written reports count as Participation (10% of grade).

Purpose: Weekly meetings or written reports provide the instructor with project progress information.

Instructions: At the meetings or in the written reports, briefly describe your project activities from the past week.

Project Activities:

  1. Report on information you gathered:
    • With whom did you contact and communicate?
    • What was the purpose of this interaction?
    • What questions did you ask?
    • What responses did you get?
    • What information did you search for and retrieve online?
    • How did you use or act upon this information?
    • How useful was this information to your project?

  2. Report on your design / development progress:
    • What and how did you discuss, brainstorm, fabricate, test, observe, analyze?

  3. Report on your interactions with people associated with your project:
    • Describe this week's interactions with your other team members and the project suggestor / user with a disabilty / older adult.

  4. Report on project issues:
    • What situations, incidents, or problems would you like to discuss?

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