Perspectives in Assistive Technology  

ENGR 110/210
Winter Quarter 2015
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4:15 to 5:30pm
  Classroom 110 in Thornton Center  

Explore the design,development, and use of technology
that benefits people with disabilities and older adults

Designed for ME, PD, BME, CS, EE, HumBio, STS, and LDT students

  • Learn how technology helps people with disabilities and older adults
  • Engage in a project design experience that includes need finding, brainstorming, iterative design, fabrication, user testing, report writing, and project presentation
  • Interact with users of assistive technology, coaches, and project partners
  • Enhance critical thinking and communication skills through in-class discussions, eport writing, and presentations
  • Apply engineering and design skills to assist individuals with disabilities in the local community increase their independence and improve their quality of life
  • Disability and Rehabilitation
  • Research and Development
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Engineering Product Design
  • Designing for Developing Countries
  • Assistive Technology Overview
  • Needfinding Techniques
  • Communication Aids
  • Aesthetic Design Concepts
  • Rehabilitation Robotics Research
  • Prosthetics & Exoskeletons
  • Views of Former Students
  • Designing Beyond the Norm
  • Student Perspectives
  • Computer Accessibility
  • Insight into the Design Process
  • VA Spinal Cord Injury & Assistive Technology
  • Motion & Gait Analyis Lab
  • Magical Bridge Playground
  • Assistive Technology Faire
  • Toys and playground equipment for kids
  • Robotics & prosthetics applications
  • Brain-computer interface
  • Mobility projects
  • Aids for older adults and veterans
  • Enhanced access to tablets
  • Pursue a team-based or individual project
  • Mid-term presentation and report
  • Final presentation and report
  • Personal reflection & Course evaluation
  • Work with technology users
  • Collaborate with project partners
  • Meet with project coach
  • In-class discussions
  • No studying, problem sets, or exams
  • Minimal out-of-pocket project expenses
  • No required textbooks
  • No boring lectures
  • Continue project in ME113 or CS194
  • Continue project as independent study
  • Lecture-only options
  • Open to all disciplines
  • Apply engineering expertise to help others
  • Sharpen communication abilities
  • Develop project design skills
  • End of term celebration
ENGR110/210 is a Haas Center for Public Service certified Service Learning class that satisfies the optional course requirement for the BSME degree, is an approved course for the Program in Science, Technology & Society, and is an approved Design Processes Course for the Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) Program in the Graduate School of Education.