Winter Quarter 2020

Perspectives in Assistive Technology


David L. Jaffe, MS
Lathrop Library Classroom 282
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:50pm

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Caption Tips

Adding figures / tables / captions using Microsoft Word


  • Menu or Tab Item to click
  • [Instruction]
  • {One of two options}
  • (Comment)

Insert the image:

  • Home (on top menu bar)
  • Insert (on top menu bar)
  • {Picture [double click]} or {Picture [single click] / Insert picture from file}
  • [Browse to directory containing image]
  • {[Double click on image]} or {[Single click on image] / Insert}

Crop image:

  • [Double click on image]
  • Crop (on menu ribbon)
  • [Move handles as desired]
  • [Press ESC]

Resize image:

  • [Click on image]
  • [Move handles as desired]

Text wrapping:

  • [Left click on image to select it]
  • [Right click on image]
  • Text Wrapping
  • {[Square]} or {[Tight]}

Move image to desired location in text body:

  • Select image
  • Drag image

Add caption text:

  • [Left click on image to select it]
  • [Right click on image]
  • Insert Caption
  • [Type caption text "below selected item"]
  • OK

Modify caption text characteristics:

  • [Click on caption text]
  • [Modify text as needed:]
    • [non-bold]
    • [black]
    • [one font size smaller than text body]
    • [left justified]

Updated 07/24/2019

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