E62/MS&E111 Software

Virtual machine

We have created a virtual machine for use in computational assigments. To use it, first download and install the version of VirtualBox suitable for your operating system. Then, download and unzip the e62 virtual machine file. If you use a unix-based operating system like OSX or Ubuntu, the unzipping can be done by applying the command tar -zxvf e62vm.tar.gz at the terminal command prompt after placing the file in a directory of your choosing.

The virtual machine has software required for the class pre-installed. This includes modules that are widely used by data and decision scientists, like numpy and scipy, as well as custom software written to facilitate e62 coursework, including an e62 python module and an ipython startup script. We will occasionally update the e62.py module, adding tools or fixing bugs. When we do, you should download the updated version and replace the file at /home/e62/python/startup/e62.py on the virtual machine. Note that you can download and place a file in an appropriate directory on the virtual machine by accessing the course web site e62.stanford.edu via the web browser on the virtual machine (Firefox), right-clicking the hyperlink to the file, and selecting Save Link As….

Python tutorial

Python will be used regularly in course assignments. Evening tutorials will be administered on September 29 and October 4 to cover basics of python that we will use for data organization and optimization. The two tutorials will cover the same content, so students need only plan to attend one. Prior to attending a tutorial session, students should install VirtualBox and download the e62 virtual machine on their personal laptop computers by following the above instructions. The tutorial will go through the material in this python tutorial handout.