Girl Interrupted
Director: James Mangold

Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Starring: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie
Director: James Mangold

Synopsis: Semi-compelling drama about misdiagnosed woman spending 18 months in '60s mental ward. Despite some decent core performances, drama-seekers likely won't find the trite observations on insanity very interesting.

Runtime: 127 minutes
MPAA Rating: R
Genre: Drama

Quotes from the Class Discussion Forum:

"This class has focused on characters that are living in this indeterminate state somewhere between “girl” and “woman.” To say the least, this period in a girl’s life is confusing. We must struggle with the pressures of girlhood and womanhood all at once. We must remain cute, yet be strong and hold our own in the world. We must maintain our image of chastity, while coming to terms with our own sexual desires. We have to be pure, yet deal with the fact that we are becoming sex objects. In this point of limbo we are encouraged to do something great in this world (“You’d make a great doctor”), yet everyone wonders what will happen to your career when you have kids (“By the time you’ll get out of Med School you’ll be 32! when will you start a family?”)."

- sillylil

"Nearly all of the discipline, medication and punishment in Girl, Interupted were administered to the young female patients by other women. Though two of the doctors- the official, educated, powerful people in the film- were men, all of the people who caried out the prescribed patient "care" were female (with a single exception). The point remains, however, that this film depicts a social structure wherein women confine women, train and condition them to conform, impose the classifications of sick or healthy, normal or deviant, permiscuous or prude that are principally described male 'experts' . "

- tauba


"[Gayle Wald's] claim that shopping affords Cher agency within a terribly restricted social realm seems patronizing and indulgent, as though an intelligent young woman can only really make decisions with respect to her choice of plaid for the day and selection between an endless variety of chunky platform heels. Poor baby!"

- ces1983

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