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Projects for GENE210 in Spring 2013

Name Project

Duaa Al-Rawi

rs1052576: cancers
Keyla Badillo

rs10044254: corticosteroid treatment for asthma

Sam Cartmell

rs2736990: Parkinson's disease

Jessica Chang rs10419226: esophageal adenocarcinoma and Barrett’s esophagus
Megan Conlon
rs4143094: colorectal cancer
Matt Figley schizophrenia
Will Fletcher rs4245739: prostate and breast cancer
Julia Garcia rs7202877: diabetes
Claire Hawkins

rs7453920: Hepatitis B

Melody Kao

rs6010620: atopic dermatitis

Bosh Liu rs4143094: colon cancer
Charlotte Rajasingh rs965513: differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Ellen Rim rs2799573: psychiatric disorders
Natalie Telis rs28940279: Canavan's disease
Matthias Voges rs281408: fucose levels
Jie Wang rs870142: atrial septic defect
Xin Zhou rs6967330: childhood asthma
username: gene210 pw: stuart


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