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Keret, Etgar

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etgar keret

Etgar Keret (b. 1967, Tel Aviv, Israel) began publishing short stories in the press in 1991 and his first collection, Pipelines, appeared in 1992. He has written a column in a Jerusalem weekly newspaper and a comic strip in a local Tel Aviv paper. His movie, Skin Deep, won the Israeli Oscar as well as first prize at several international film festivals. A film based on one of his stories received the 1998 American MTV Prize for the best animated film. He writes comedy for Israeli television and lectures at Tel Aviv University School of Film. Etgar Keret is undoubtedly the most popular among Israeli youth and young adults, who see him as expressing their world. All of his books have been bestsellers. His two short story collections and Kneller`s Happy Campers have together sold over 100,000 copies and over 40 short films have been produced based on his stories.

Books Published in Hebrew

  • Pipelines (stories), Am Oved, 1992 [Tzinorot]
  • Missing Kissinger (stories), Zmora Bitan, 1994 [Ga'aguai Le-Kissinger]
  • Nobody Said it Was Going to Be Fun (comics), Etgar Keret and Rutu Modan, Keter, 1996 [Lo Banu Lehenot]
  • Streets of Rage (comics), Etgar Keret and Assaf Hanuka, Zmora Bitan, 1997 [Simtaot Ha-Za'am]
  • Kneller's Happy Campers (novella), Keter/Zmora Bitan, 1998 [Ha-Kaitanah Shel Kneller]

Children's Books

  • Dad Runs Away With The Circus, Etgar Keret and Rutu Modan, Zmora Bitan, 2000 [Aba Boreach Im Ha-Kirkas]

Performed Plays

  • Entebbe A Musical (co-authored by Jonathan Bar Giora, who also composed the music) First prize in the Alternative Theater Festival in Acre.

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