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Advanced Hebrew

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Course Requirements and Grading:

25% Attendance
30% Homework
20%  Presentations, blogs, extra work
30%  Final presentation and Final rpoject (5 pages) on a personal subject and is to be worked on throughout the entire quarter. Students must use five or more articles as supplemental readings and aids in their presentations. The presentation is to be 12 minutes long, and must include a 5 page paper (1400 words).


Regular class attendance and full participation in oral work, group activities, etc. are required in order to pass this course.. It will be difficult to make up classes that you have missed since so much of the course is based on video material and group activities.

Homework must be submitted on time.
Language center Policies:

Office hours: by appointment (winter) (fall, 260-302M)

Textbooks and Course Materials:

Detailed Syllabus

First quarter(Fall)

  1. Hebrew Dictionary
  2. “Oy Elohim” – Anat Gov
  3. Hebrew Verb Table/ Asher Tarmon, Ezri Uval
  4. “Akar Bait”- Anat Gov
  5. Hebrew keyboard stickers

       Video clips, texts and songs posted on the class website
       Handouts (reading material)
       Coursework (AME 130) for homework and schedule

Second quarter (Winter):

  1. Hebrew Dictionary
  2. Between the lines - workbook
  3. Hebrew keyboard stickers

       Video clips, texts and songs posted on the class website
       Handouts (reading material)



Statement on Disabilities

Students who have a disability that may necessitate an academic accommodation or the use of auxiliary aids and services in a class must first request assistance with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC will evaluate the request with required documentation, recommend appropriate accommodations, and prepare a verification letter dated in the current academic term in which the request is made. Please contact the DRC as soon as possible; timely notice is needed to arrange for appropriate accommodations.


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