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Detailed Syllabus


Biblical Hebrew

biblical hebrew posterInstructor:  Gallia Porat
Office Hours: by appointment.

  1. Course Description & Objectives

Throughout the course of Reading Biblical Hebrew, students will enhance their ability and understanding of the Hebrew bible. Students will continue to learn fundamentals of Hebrew grammar and at the end of the semester students are expected to understand and translate an unseen text from the bible.

  1. Course Requirements and Grading

50%: Attendance (30%) Homework (20%)
50%: 3 Quizzes (30%), Final (20%)  
The final will take place during exam week (TBA).

Regular class attendance and full participation are required in order to pass this course. Only one absence is allowed. It will be difficult to make up classes that you have missed since so much of the course is based on material taught in class.
Policies: Please read the Language Center Policies:



  1. Homework:

Homework assignments in this class will generally follow those given in the textbook.  There is an audio component contained on the textbook’s CDs, and there are also some on-line tutorials that will be assigned.  

  1. Required Texts:

Bonnie Kittel, Victoria Hoffer, Rebecca Wright:  Biblical Hebrew:  Text and              Workbook (Yale:  2005).  There is a CD included with this book
Victoria Hoffer, Biblical Hebrew:  Supplement for Enhanced Comprehension
Coursework (AME 170a) for homework and schedule.
Hebrew Bible

  1. Recommended Reading:

William Holladay, ed.  A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (Leiden:  E. J. Brill), 1988.
Abraham Even-Shoshan.  A New Concordance of the Bible (Jerusalem:  Kiryat-Sefer), 1990.
G. Pratico, M. Van Pelt.  Basics of Biblical Hebrew (Grand Rapids:  Zondervan), 2004.