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Asaf: Hello! Hi! Dana? Dana: Yes, Asaf: Hi, Asaf is speaking! Dana: Hi Asaf, what?s going on? What?s up? Asaf: Good, great. I was thinking maybe you would like to go to eat today in a restaurant. Dana: Restaurant? Sounds great. What do you say about Chinese restaurant? Asaf: There is Chinese restaurant in H?ayarkon Street. Dana: I am dying (crazy about) for Chinese, but I don?t feel like it now. Asaf: So maybe something Italian, like pasta? Dana: Asaf, I am crazy about Italian, really, I love Italian, but yesterday I was with some friends in a great Italian restaurant and I don?t feel like an Italian food now. Asaf: Maybe an Israeli restaurant? Dana: Yes, breakfast in an Israeli restaurant, right? Asaf: So lets make an arrangements to meet (name of the restaurant) Dana: What time? Asaf: At ten thirty. Dana: Wonderful, great Dana: Good, don?t be late. Asaf: No, no I will not be late.