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00:00:00 I am Doron, I am a dentist and I live in Cesarea My wife's name is Rachel she is a nurse working in the surgical room of [names] hospital in Tel-aviv. We have two children: Sa?ar and Bar. Sa?ar is the eldest. She is studying Art at Haifa University. Bar is studying music and science in a high school next to us in Cesarea I like to go to the gym to exercise. I go there about three or four times a week. Part of the time I lift weights but most of the time I do all kind of aerobic exercises. I run, bike and row. I like all kind of physical activities. In addition to those activities I also sometimes do water and snow skiing. I like to work in my garden. I have a big yard which I like to make some changes in it and also to plant in it. In the military reserve I am a dentist. I treat the soldiers who need care. I go there once every two weeks for half a day. I get different task for my patient and I treat them. I live already in Cesarea for seven years. Seven years ago we lived in Binyamina. I was actually born in Israel-Jerusalem. When I was one year old we moved to Tel-Aviv, we lived in Tel-Aviv for five or six years. From Tel-Aviv we moved to Savyon: This is a place with many small houses, it is very nice there and we lived there for about ten years. I moved from there to Ramat Ilan which is next to Bar Ilan University a suburb of Tel-Aviv. Later on we moved from Ramat Ilan to Tel_Aviv, where we lived for 12 years. This was after I was married. From Tel-Aviv we moved to Binyamina and finally to Cesrarea where we live today. This is Sushi our dog, before we had another dog that we loved very much; he was run over by a car and died. After that I didn't want to get another dog; the kids missed the previous dog and asked to get a new one. We decided to look for another dog. We arrived to some place where they were selling dogs. We wanted to get a "Shiatsu" because we were told that they are friendly and pleasant with people. They let us look at all kinds of cute puppies. I suddenly noticed this dog: she had long hair but now she is shaved, because she is very warm in the summer. I saw her sitting at the corner very sad and not well taken care of: with lots of knots in her hair. She was dirty and when I looked at her I knew this is the one I really wanted. We opened the cage and she ran out of the cage and attached herself to me and wagged her tail and was kind. We bought her despite the fact that she was dirty and not pretty. After she was with us for two years we let her to get pregnant, she had five puppies. One of them is still with us. We are very happy with this decision and she is happy with us. She is better off here than in the store. The thing I like to do the most in my free time is to play music instrument. I like music and I play on a guitar. I play with my brother and his son. We write and compose songs.. There is a story related to our love of music. During Yom Kippur war I was in high school. I wanted to do something to help the wounded soldiers of the war. I used to go with my classmate to perform in front of the solders trying to cheer them up. We sang for them all kind of songs.