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Shalom! Dana! -Yes, Asaf! -Shalom!-hi. -Good that you came! I was waiting for a long time. -My sincere apologizes, there was a lot of traffic. -Ok it is fine -Are you hungry? -Yes, I was waiting for you for a long time. -So lets order. -Have you eaten here before? -No. -It seems like a very pleasant restaurant. -Yes, nice. I am hungry, waitress! Shalom! -What would you like to order? -I?ll get an omelet with pepper. Does it come with salad on the side? -Yes, salad and bread. -I want salad without tomatoes. -Would you get juice to drink? ?Orange -Carrot -Great! -What would you like? -I want green salad-small lettuce, grilled pepper and feta cheese. -To drink? -Orangada and coffee - Would you also like coffee? -No thanks. -Tell me about yourself. -I was born in Rishon and finished the army four years ago. -How old are you now? -I am 25 years old. I was in the paramedical of the NA?Hal (name of infantry unit). -I moved a year ago to Tel-Aviv, I live in Ra?shi St. - R?ashi? I live near Ra?shi. -Where? -Peretz Chayot St. Do you know this Street? -It can?t be! -Yes, Really? -It is right next to you! -It is just a second from me. -So how come we never met in the street? -I don?t know -Maybe because.. Do you have a dog? -No I don?t, -How do you know? -Because I have a dog and I walk with her and if you had a dog we would have met each other. -Well I have two cats, one female and a male. -Do you like animals? -Yes of course very much. -I was born in Holon? I have a brother and a little sister. -My brother?s name is Yo?av he is younger than me. -I am the oldest, my brother is 21 and my little sister just had her birthday, -She is 14 and her name is Yael. -Pepper Omlet and green salad with pepper and a small salad for you. ?Bon appetite! -It really looks great, I see that there are tomatoes, Do you like tomatoes? -Yes, -So lets switch, O.K.? -Is it salty enough? Yes, great. -I?ll take some of your cheese. -Are you full? -Yes very, It was really good, right? -The Jello is very good and also the olives. -Did you like everything? -Yes, it was really good. Thanks! -I am paying. -So I will leave the tip. -What would you like to do now? -I don?t know, do you have any idea? -We can take a walk at the beach. -Excellent idea!