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My name is Saar. I am a student at Haifa University in the department of Art and Eastern Asian Studies. In the Eastern Asia studies I am learning Japanese. This is my room. I have all my colors for painting here. I love to paint, that is the reason I study art. Here I have perfumes and other things I use to take care of myself. This is my backpack I use for the university. In it I have a water bottle, interesting book to read, day planner so I will not forget the things I have to do during the day, and vitamins that I have to take because I am vegetarian. Work books for my classes, notebooks and a glass case because I am wearing eye glass since I had started the University. Having a phone is very important in Israel. I can talk all day with my friends. I also have a purse and, of course, chewing gum so I will not fall asleep in classes. When I feel I am almost falling asleep I take the gum and then everything is fine.