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00:00:00 - Key Concepts: My Name is Sivitry I am 28 years old. I was born in New York and my parents moved to Israel when I was 2 years old. The first few years of my life I spent in the Galilee on a moshv and then we moved to Jerusalem where I grew up. Now I am an actor but in order to make a living I work as a secretary in a law firm and I also work as a waitress. I rent an apartment in Tel-Aviv where I live by myself .It is a nice apartment next to the beach. After my army service I worked at a coffee store as a bar attendant and then I went on a back pack trip to Europe. I stayed in a youth hostel and went on a trip by myself but met many people throughout the trip. I was in Amsterdam, Belgium, and Spain for a month. Upon my return I did auditions for acting school. Since then I live in Tel-Aviv and study acting. When I graduate from acting school I continued living in Tel-Aviv because of my career. All my life I performed and sang, I performed in a circus and at age 12 I started to focus more just on acting. My role in the army was "mashakit ta"sh" it is an abbreviation of commander who is not an officer for providing services. It is like social worker for the soldiers that have problems at home or with other soldiers in their unit or with their position. They turn to me and I try to help either by allocating money from the army or by allocating them to different locations closer to their home. The place I like the most in Israel is the Michmoret. There are horse stables there. I rode there. This is a natural preserve. It has sand dunes that reaches to the sea and does not have life guard and everything is wild. One can reach very high cliffs and watch the sea below. A typical day in my day starts when I try to wake up early by eight or nine. I wake up and drink coffee. Then I go out to jog at the beach in Tel-Aviv, to the old Dolphinarium and back home. Then I take a shower, read a book, usually for a long period of time, and meet with friends. I get to the law office at 4:00 and start working. I sometimes go out at night The thing that seems the most Israeli to me is the ?CHIBBOKIA? which means that from the first moment people meet they feel very comfortable with each other. They do not use the basic rule of manners that might be disturbing to some people. But if we understand that the source of this informality comes from natural behavior and warmness, it would be accepted with love.