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My kitchen ; let us start from this side, for hosting guests: wonderful wine cups from Ikea, great. Of course spices are a must have in every house for making pastas, pizzas and anything that can be done fast for when people are coming and there isn?t what to make. Sink- it seems like it is full, it is just because it is small there isn?t much in it. Hot water: when it does work, when we want to use water. Shelf: to hold all the cups because I have lots of cups. Friends are always coming here. Here I have all kinds of stuff, I don?t know how does it call (colander), but we clean pasta with it. Bowls for salads, Like those things for the dog, you notice that it is in the same place, why? Because it does not matter. There are small and big plates. Of course pots and pans to cook. What?s that? Dish for seeds, there are three of them for each kind. That it, small kitchen but functional.