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Shalom! We are here in regard to your furnished home for rent. -Shalom! It is nice to meet you, I am Doron- I am Yoav- I am Sharon. -Please come in. -We are sorry for being late it was difficult to find the house. -It is ok -Is it possible to see the house? -Yes, please! There are three floors in the house. This is the TV room; it has a door and a big window. -What is that? -This is a small bathroom for this floor. -This is really pretty. -Yes, we had bought it in an antique store, we are taking it with us to the new home. -I like this carpet. -We are leaving the carpets because we do not have enough space for them in the new house. -This is the living room. -It is a very big living room. -Yes, there are two couches, two tables and a dresser. -We?re taking one couch with us, but are leaving the big couch here


This is the office. -Great, there is a big bookshelf and a very comfortable desk. -It is wonderful. -Do you want to see the kitchen and the dinning area? -This is the dinning area and this is the kitchen; it is a very big and functional one. -The kitchen is magnificent. -There is a big refrigerator and a window with a view of the back yard. -Is it possible to see the yard? -Yes, please. -This is the yard; there is a swimming pool and a patio with some flowers. -Are those real ducks? -No they are made of plastic. -What is the length of the pool? It is about 12.5 meters. And what about the width? It is 4 meters. -What?s the depth of the deep end? It is 2 meters. -There is also a basketball court. -If you would like to we can go inside and see the rest of the house.


-The yard is very well maintained and green. Yes, it is nice and quiet here. -Yes, I planned the yard by myself. -Those are the stairs to the second floor and this is the second floor. There is a small sitting area. -This is the kid?s bathroom; there is a sink a bath tub and a shower. -This is the guest room there is a double bed and two windows and lots of light. -Do you leave the wall clock? -Yes, this clock we leave here. -This is the parent?s bedroom; there is a double bed, few windows, a walk-in closet and a -bathroom. -Do you have air conditioning? -Yes, there is an air condition that can cool off and warm up. -Would you like to drink something? Would you like some coffee, tea, or water? -Are there any additional things that you would like to know about the house that I have not mentioned yet to you? -How much is the rent?


- It is 2770 dollars per month. Is it possible to rent for two years? We prefer to rent it for a year with an option for another year. -Can we smoke here? -No. We prefer that you will smoke outside, in the back yard, and not inside. -The house is wonderful, but the rent is a bit high. -If you agree to pay for a year in advance we might be able to reduce the price a bit. -We have to think about it. -Fine, you do have my cell you can be in touch with me. -I just would like to ask you to let me know by next week because there are some other people who are interested in renting the house. -Good, thank you.