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What?s up guys? This is Asaf again: This is my home, pay attention: Here is my bed, pillows, the beddings are not set but they are clean, simply I am single so I don?t have to set them up in the morning. The mirror: I bought it in Yafo for 100 shekels it has Greek illustrations. My closet is small because it does not contain much cloth in it, but whatever there is in it is very unique: grey shirt, 20 shekels, a leather jacket from Turkey, there is nobody in this country who does owns one like this. Of course for the summer a bit of Hawaii, I need something more colorful, shirt for a happy occasion. That?s it with nice shirts. The rest are sport clothes for exercising in order to be fit. Socks, underwear, more socks, and underpants, and shirts. Most of the things I own are socks and underpants. Down here I throw all the things that I don?t need, someday I will throw them away too. Do you see this small and not big room, this is my secret room: it does not contain many things: two TVs, a guitar, a carpet, and a comforter for the winter. Let?s continue, refrigerator: it is empty, there are some things in it: milk, coke, humus, there is no need for more then humus. Music set is very important. Book shelves: in it are plays, classical books, s Plays of Shakespeare, this is the one thing I would recommend, there isn?t any actor who does not own it and have not read ???.? great book. O.K. 25? T.V usually we need one like this at home but better would be 40? at least flat . I don?t have one now, but that?s fine. This is a painting that a friend of miens who traveled to Africa made for me- it is a photo of her eyes illustrated with colors. My dog- give me a kiss, half Labrador and half?there are not many like her. Couch for reading. Bathroom: with toilet paper. Big shower, does not have light right now. Why it does not have a light! Just for no reason, because it is much more fun to have a shower without light.