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Tali? - Hi, how are you? - Great, - What?s up? - Yes, everything?s fine, I have a very interesting news to tell you. - Listen well: I met a very sweet guy. His name is Asaf. Yes, he is 25 years old, has a dog, and lives right next to me. - That?s what he says. - I met him by chance, really! - Today we were at the beach together and had breakfast, the meal was great really great. - Yes it was really fun. He is really nice. We connected very well. - We talked with some other friends, sat together and ate. - Then we went for a walk. You have to meet him. - He has black hair and brown eyes, he?s wonderful. - Fine so maybe the four of us will meet, you with your boyfriend and I with him. What do you say? - Ok, good, remember ok! - Ok, bye!