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What is your name? My name is Dana. Where do you live? I live in Tel-Aviv on a street by the name Shenkin. It is a central street in Tel-Aviv, the young people love it a lot. They like to go there to shop, and to visit restaurants, coffee stores and pubs. It is a very nice street. Where did you live as a child? I lived in Holon. Tell me about your house in Holon. It is a regular house with two floors. My parents still live in this house. I have two brothers, my dad owns a flower shop and my mother teaches English. I lived in this house up to age 18 and then I moved to Tel-Aviv. Have you been on a trip lately? Yes, I traveled to India for three weeks. I stayed in a town by the name GOHA in southern India. I really had fun. They have beautiful beaches and coconut trees there.


It was a wonderful vacation. My boyfriend and I had a great time there. Where did you meet your boyfriend? I met him at my work place. I used to work in a TV studio that produces children programs. We knew each other for two years. We live in this apartment. We have two bedrooms, a male cat and a female cat. I am studying in the university. I just finished my undergraduate school. I studied Hebrew literature and psychology. It was wonderful to be a student. Do you work now? Yes I am working. I am an actor. I am acting in two plays and in a TV program. What do you like to do in your free time? I like to read books, play with the computer, to sing, to go to the gym, to be with friends, to watch movies and mostly to have fun.