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00:00:00 - Key Concepts: Age, Place of Birth, Childhood, Work

00:01:06 - Key Concepts: Typical day, Style of Dress, Study, Work

00:02:29 - Key Concepts: Family, Apartment, Last Vacation in Sinai, Favorite Food, The Beach, Expectations for the Future, Happiness, Childhood in the USA and in Israel, Family, Professions

00:03:35 - Key Concepts: Vacation, Favorite food - pizza, Favorite Style of dressing, Favorite place in Israel - the Beach, Imagining the future - kids, outside the City, Meaning of happiness - waking up with a smile. Place of birth, life trajectory, Place of study, Physiotherapy, Yoga instructor, Typical day, Usual weekends - rest, sea, films, family meals, friends, Parents' occupation, Younger sisters, (Domestic) partner, Small and Expensive flat, very crowded but pleasant. Favorite food, Favorite Clothes.