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Note: for convenience, the weekly topics and readings are extracted from the course syllabus, which is available on this web site in a pdf format, suitable for both reading and printing: History 48Q Syllabus

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Readings from the Course Reader are marked CR.

Introduction: Contested Transitions in South Africa (9 January)

South African History: An Overview (16 January)

From Generations of Resistance to Negotiations (23 January)

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission : Historical Construction and Reconstruction
(30 January)

Constructing the New South Africa: Mass Democracy and the Entrenchment of Privilege
(6 February)

Identities: Persistence and Transition (13 February)

From the RDP to GEAR: Old Socialism and New Capitalism (20 February)

HIV/AIDS: Controversies and Contentions
(27 February)

From People’s Education to the National Qualifications Framework (6 March)

Reconstruction and Development: Policy Choices (13 March)

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